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Great Clip...Romeo Duncombe-Clarke




Great Clip
by Romeo Duncombe-Clarke
The Good The Bad and The Guns.
Check out this great clip from the @JoeRogan experience podcast #1634 with author @JackCarr.Listen to how Joe sums up a lot of the average American concerns. About technocrats wanting a Covid passport for everyday use and travel. 
Joe brings up a lot of pretty good points In this episode of the podcast. 
If you are familiar with who I am, then you know that I’m a strong advocate for history. Reading history is a great way to get an understanding of the missteps of our past actions as people.
I propose this question to you, reader. If the technocrats were to get everything that they are advocating for in this new world.
  • Covid Passport
  • Stacking of the Supreme Court 
  • Abolishing of the Electoral College 
  • Abolishing of Second Amendment
  • Repeal of the US Constitution
What would America look like? This is a serious question we all will have to ask ourselves.
You can’t sit around saying that these situations will not affect you. Because they will affect you. Most of you are already affected. 
look at how new laws are being pushed. 
Lawmakers are taking a heavy-handed zero-tolerance approach to the working class. While serving up softball fines for bankers celebrities and politicians.
It's as if one group of the citizenry. Are used as nourishment for the prison-industrial system.
If that's not convincing enough.
A glance at how the lockdowns have affected so many. The small businesses owners around the country and the world.
Look at the state of New York. 
Look at the state of California.  
As well as the other states like Chicago.
The political machine pushed and pushed and pushed. Why?
Because people were afraid because of lies by the news and power-hungry officials.
The lockdowns hurt many people. It killed much family-owned business that is not coming back. Jobs gone. Why?
Because absolute power corrupts absolutely. 
So don't ever think that the government won't use force to protect its agenda.
That's a fool's way of thinking.
The Technocrats want to control you. 
The Technocrat do not believe in your freedom. 
The Technocrats do not believe in dissenting voices. 
The Technocrats want to be your gods.
Only true believers of freedom can understand freedom.
Freedom is worth dying for.
America was built on freedom.
The Good, The Bad and, The Guns